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Arc Customised Glass uses different manufacturing processes and materials, including some technologies developed in-house.

Blown process

Press process

Spinning process

Stemware process


A new generation of the lead-free crystal. It has the IWA Ultra clear standard, which guarantees its excellent transparency : a standard that establishes the requirements for the designation “ultra-clear glass” based on the clarity and iron content of the product. Always bright, the rim has a 30% higher than average impact resistance and twice the average resistance of the leg to torsion.


Non-porous material with no bacterial risk. It is 2 to 3 times more resistant than traditional hotel porcelain and can withstand a thermal shock of 130°C/265°F. In addition, the surface and decoration are extremely resistant, even after 2,000 industrial washes and items are microwave safe. Finally, its light weight and the fact that it is stackable allow to save space.

Tempered glass

Strong and built to last, tempered products are 5 times more resistant than most products of similar thickness.

Purity certified glass

Glass in its purest form. This certifies that these items are made with only the highest quality glass. Due to its composition and laboratory-tested performance, the glass features an exceptional level of purity.


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