A leading gift distribution company in China. Jidi has a national wide distribution network, covering more than 20,000 gift cooperative…

The Goal

This project started in August 2020.

The customer trusted Arc Customised Glass to make these products for China. We developed a new collection of exclusive tableware embossed products in opal. These allowed differentiation from other channels. It is a project that required a new product development by our glassware experts, in collaboration with Jidi, to meet their needs: opal tableware for bank and insurance agencies. 

We managed to meet the customer’s needs: offering a high perceived value and unique range, produced in high volumes. The use of opal allowed them to have a highly aesthetic rendering at a very affordable price

On top of that, we needed packaging that would allow quick, sustainable, and easy shipping for the customers. A challenge that we were able to meet easily with our support team by offering a postal box.

This beautiful glass project allows us to forge a lasting partnership with Jidi and to develop our manufacturing innovation ability.

The project

Product Design

Eye-catching design is the key for new products' placement hence the reliance on Arc’s in house design team to carry it out. The Arc Customised Glass design team was able to meet the needs of the Chinese market and offer an attractive design.


Business opportunity gradually moved from offline to online, especially within the Premium Bank and Insurance channels. Postal box is a must. That’s why Arc Customised Glass offered a packaging solution for its customer.

Marketing Support

Market trend research is a guidance for any new collection. Knowing what kind of products have much more potential in the upcoming years, and which kind of category will grow faster in a specific region is crucial. Our marketing team was able to come up with a solution to promote this product that would be effective in the Chinese market, to offer real added value in the response to the client's needs.
The unique embossed opal sets will allow Arc to further partner with this customer, even with sourced products. Susie Huang Account Manager

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