Greene King

Greene King is a leading pub retailer and brewer based in the UK.

The Goal

This project started in 2022

Greene King has developed two new craft beers. The first is called Flint Eye, a refreshing lager (4.5%) and the second is Level Head, a session IPA (4%). These two beers were conceived in reference to two historical legends of Bury St Edmunds, the town where Greene King is located. It was therefore necessary to establish effective marketing around the two beers to reflect the history of the town through two beautiful beer glasses.

The project


Great importance of marketing around these two beers, colourful and eccentric, as a tribute to the great history of the Bury St Edmunds legend.


A design that perfectly represents the two stories referring to "Level Head" and "Flint Eye" and an embossing of the glass


Supporting the client throughout the project to best meet their needs and to best represent the Bury St Edmunds legend that the client really wanted to see in these two glasses

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