Sustainable development

Promoting sustainable development

Arc Customised Glass has been pursuing its efforts to promote sustainable development for several years.

Since its creation, Arc has been trying to find a balance between economic requirements, social responsibility and respect for the environment, with the objective of sustainable development. Beyond the efforts made by the group, this approach is becoming more and more important in all of our activities, whether it be from suppliers, customers or partners.

In 2003, we joined the United Nations Global Compact. Today, the objective is to structure this strategy in each of the company’s units and to measure its effectiveness. We have therefore adopted the ISO 26000 standard, linked to corporate social responsibility, which helps us every day to shape and organize our actions. Arc Customised Glass is trying to improve the quality of life of consumers with products that are increasingly environmentally friendly and better management of resources and waste.WorldGBC joins United Nations Global Compact! | World Green Building Council

In terms of results, this translates into several improvements such as

-A reduction in CO² emissions between 2010 and 2020. Today, 80% of raw materials are transported by river.

-The promotion of zero waste by offering products made of 30% internally recycled glass.

-FSC-certified cardboard packaging, made from 50% recycled cardboard.

-As of 2019, Arc Customised Glass offers products certified as guaranteed French origin.


Consult our 2020 sustainable development report.