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The beer market and its trends

Discover the beer market trends for the year 2023

Did you know that? Every day, more than 576 million litres of beer are consumed in the world! A beverage that is attracting more and more of the Z generation, beer is consumed by 81.4% of French people, that’s to say more than 4 out of 5 French people!

This year, bitter beers are back in the spotlight! Indeed, consumers are increasingly attracted to IPA beers, so much so that the majority of large breweries have opted for these beers with very pronounced flavours, which are sure to seduce fans of bitterness. It is mainly the local breweries that have launched themselves into this type of beer and that are making a hit with fans whose environmental awareness has been growing for several years. Indeed, the eco-conception as well as the quality of the hops, the cereals, or the local brewing have become significant assets for consumers. Added to this is the search for low alcohol or low sugar content, which responds to healthier trends.

But that doesn’t mean that alcohol-free beer lovers are sacrificing taste. Breweries are becoming increasingly innovative in using unique ingredients and brewing techniques to produce non-alcoholic beers that taste as good as their alcoholic counterparts. Alcohol-free beers can offer a wide range of flavours, including flavoured beers such as citrus, berry and herb. Breweries are also using increasingly colourful packaging to attract the eye of the young.

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