One of the biggest chain of convenience stores in Indonesia with more than 10,000 outlets.

The Goal

This project started in June 2019.

Indomaret decided to call upon Arc Customised Glass services to create a loyalty programme for a national promotion in Indonesia.

The objective was to create a GWP loyalty programme to increase store traffic. We offered a large-scale production using the spinning technique, all produced on the AGC site (China). A full service has been created to attract customers to Indomaret.

The challenge was to respond to our client with our glass expertise and knowledge of the local market within a very short timeframe: we needed a product that represented quality to Indonesians, and that was pretty enough to make them want to own it. For the client, the most important thing was a product that was simple to put on the shelf.

The project

Request for design

With the help from the Arc design team, we had to come up with a product that would appeal to the Indonesian population for daily consumption, under our Luminarc brand. We needed items that were both qualitative (microwave and dishwasher safety, etc.) and affordable. The challenge was taken up thanks to Arc Customised Glass' manufacturing know-how.

Production item

Arc Customised Glass delivered the products in less than 4 weeks and therefore offered a quick response to meet the customer's needs, without compromising quality.

Specific packaging

Arc Customised Glass offered a different packaging to secure the transport of the products but also to make it easier to place them directly on the retail shelves: a solution designed with our glassmaking expertise, which fully meets the customer's needs.
This project allowed us to understand the appeal and relevance of our brand and to go the extra mile to meet the client's need for good solutions. John Ee Asean Arc Customised Glass Manager

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