Molson Coors

is a company in the United Kingdom that has been brewing beverages such as beer for several decades.

The Goal

This project started in March 2019

The company called upon Arc Customised Glass services to offer a solution so that the server could hold 4 full glasses of beer at the same time. Our challenge was to combine design, resistance and customer needs. We created a glass with an original shape and a very nice decoration that makes it highly personalized. On top of that, this glass is totally ergonomic and met our customer’s demanding expectations. In terms of sizes, we offered pints and half-pints.

The project


Our expertise in consulting allowed us to work with the company to figure out their dream list so that we could advise them on how best to resolve it through the various stages.


Our R&D department had to come up with a concept to solve the problem. After a trial and various tests, we managed to create this concept to satisfy our customer. We were able to put our glassmaking know-how to work for our customer.


Another challenge was the large quantities of this glass the customer needed quickly. Thanks to our production professionals, this speed was possible and we were able to meet the customer's expectations.
A real challenge for us that we successfully managed despite the complexity of the interlocking and also the matte colour of the design.

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