is one of the largest brewery and beverage group in Sweden.

The Goal

This project started in January 2020.

Mariestads is one of the best-selling beers in Sweden with a focus is on high-end restaurants. This was the first time the beer was going to be dispensed on tap, so the company wanted to develop a new and unique glass in collaboration with Arc Customised Glass: the objective was to create a glass that was high end like Mariestads, with the best quality, to guarantee the elegance of the brand. So we offered 2 different items to satisfy the customer’s needs.

The project


Thanks to our expertise in glassware manufacturing, we were able to produce a superior fully tempered quality glass for the discerning consumers of Mariestad. A great beer in a great glass.


As we pay as much attention to the product as to the packaging at Arc Customised Glass, the one for Mariestad has been designed to advertise the merits of the product as well as that of its bespoke drink vessel.


A beautiful creation in two different sizes : a stemmed glass for the premium restaurants and sophisticated situations / events. And a larger tumbler to coincide with the launch of the on tap dispense of Mariestad, in a 0.5L glass.
The right beer in the right glass is a matter of course for the drinkers' enjoyment.

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