Old Speckled Hen

Old Speckled Hen is a premium bitter from the Morland Brewery, now owned by Greene King Brewery.

The Goal

This project started in July 2019

Old Speckled Hen, relaunched in 2019, trusted Arc Customised Glass to update the brand’s pint. Their need was to have a glass that served different functions: it had to represent the beer properly to create a real experience for the drinker (look great and bring out all the aromas and taste). It had to be attractive and a springboard for all kinds of marketing activities. The glasses are used through different channels (marketing and sales) to promote the brand and the beer in the UK. For example, it is available in pubs but also in stores for consumers.

The project

Product design

Novelty vanguard design created by our glassware professionals that enhances the brand whilst taking on board the mandatory toughened quality of the product. For use in bars in particular.

Packaging and marketing

Packed on the production line in both bulk box and also single boxed for on trade and off-trade activities respectively. At Arc Customised Glass, we take care to provide you with the right packaging for your product.
The new glass appears on many of our packs and in all our advertising, which means that millions of drinkers see it every week, instantly setting positive expectations of flavour and refreshment in the most direct way. David SPENCER Marketing controller, Old Speckled Hen

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